Cruiser Ships & Events schedule for July 2019 at Yokohama Port

Yokohama is Japan's second-largest city and Yokohama port is the biggest commercial port in Japan. Not only domestic visitors, but also many foreign tourists enjoy exploring Yokohama bay area and Osanbashi pier.

Attached calendar shows cruisers berthing at Yokohama port and famous events are held in this bay area in July 2019.

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Please note Yokohama Sparkling Twilight event on 13th and 14th July.
Fire works, Ship parade and other delightful events will be held at various venues spreading over this bay area.

For more details of each event, please check Yokohama-City official site below.†


Yokohama Osanbashi Pier
Yokohama Umi Haku 2019 Event will be held on 20th July on this pier.

China Town

Yokohama china town is said to be the biggest china town in the world except for the countries with Chinese culture background.
Guan Yun Parade is on July 26th this year.

Harbor cruise boat & commuter boat

For the visitors who want to enjoy the harbor scenery from the sea level with reasonable fares, following Yokohama Cruising Company provides various boat types and cruising courses.

Marine Shuttle

Sea Bass

Fore more information, please check Yokohama Cruising homepage.
Yokohama Cruising



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