Beautiful scenery at Oiso fishery harbor and Shonandaira Park


The typhoon that let down the intense rain passed early in the night. Dust in the air must have been paid with the typhoon so we can expect a blue sky. With such thoughts, I planned to drive to Oiso fishery harbor and Shonan Daira Park on 125cc scooter.

It's a little over an hour running from Yokohama on Route 1 and Route 134. I introduce the scenery around Oiso port and the superb view from Shonan Daira Park.

It was more than my expectation. The sky of Oiso is deep blue. Many fishing boats are tightly connected to the inside of the levee of the harbor to avoid the heavy storm last night. It seems that all boats successfully survived.

There was only one exception. It is a rowing boat to move inside the harbor. It almost sunk.


Some surfers enjoy waves heading to Oiso seashore outside of the harbor. It is still windy weather due to the typhoon.

wave crashLooking into the fishing port, it is so calm and looks safe.

The embankment of harbor is buried with many anglers. It is a famous levee for both family and senior fishing fans. 釣り客でにぎわう大磯港堤防

Speaking of Oiso port, visitors are looking for fresh fish food at  "Meshiya Oiso Kou".  Various fishes caught in Sabami bay are cooked for lunch dishes.  A queue is in front of the restaurant at every noon.
Sagami bay is the good fishing ground of white bait "Shirasu".
There are Shirasu dealers also at Oiso port. But it was closed.

On the bulletin board of the store is indicated as "No Shirasu sale due to bad catch."   Shirasu 's bad fishing in Sagami Bay has been reported for several years.

Oiso port is popular not only for fishermen but also for tourists. Let's check the parking space of the scooter.  This is a parking lot of Oiso Harbor. Parking lot No.1 and the No.2 is facing each other.  The car was parked as it was, but the motorcycle area has only one off-road vehicle. I do not see any scooters.

Parking fee for the motorcycle is 160 yen per hour.  It looks fairly higher comparing to public motorcycle parking lot.  The maximum amount is 520 yen per a day.

As I walked over Oiso Port, scooters stopped here and there  without using  parking lot. 

Bicycles and motorcycles are also stopped under the footbridge in front of the pool. Several stopped near the breakwater, too.
I would like to leave Oiso port and start to head the sightseeing tower of Shonan Daira Park. It takes around 15 minutes by scooter from Oiso port to Shonan Daira parking lot.

From the entrance to the top, road is a little narrow and winding.  When you reach the top of the hill, you can see the TV radio wave tower behind the parking. Parking fee is free.

湘南平駐車場The bike parking area can be seen on the right side. Even car space is full, there is still vacant space for scooters. When you go up the stairs on the right, there is the sightseeing tower that has a restaurant and restroom.You can easily reach the top level of the building by the elevator inside.

Getting off the elevator, you can go to the top floor by climbing the stairs. The circular part that appears in this picture is the top.

This is the east direction view from the top floor. Enoshima can be seen before the line of Miura Peninsula sight. Enoshima will be the yacht race venue of 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  

It is the south direction view. You can see Oiso port in the downward direction. The blue sky and the sea. The sea surface looks gradation from light green to deep blue.

Looking in the west direction. It is the direction that Mt. Fuji can be seen. But unfortunately she is covered with thick clouds. Clouds also appear in the north direction. I see Oyama mountain and Tanzawa mountain range cleary.

This is Shonan Daira TV radio wave tower. It is a radio wave tower of Hiratsuka Television that broadcasts TV digital wave.  This tower is like a landmark of Shonan area.  Wherever you are heading in this region, this landmark helps you understand your direction.

This park provides us 360 degrees scenery of Shonan and safety ground for kids.  You can also have a family picnic on this secure place.


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